Nathalie Pubellier

Nathalie Pubellier, choregrapher

(French Version ) Nathalie Pubellier is a French choreographer and a dancer, whose love for dance began already at the age of five when she lived in Manosque, a town in the south of France.
From 1983 to 1986, Nathalie took dancing lessons at the Bryans/Armand Dance Academy in Marseille and studied biology at the University of Marseille at the same time. After completing her studies, she joined the Gianin Loringett's Professional Formation Centre in Nice, which finally led her to upgrading her career as a choreographer and a dancer in Paris and New York. During this period, Nathalie worked with various companies, such as Anne Dreyfus, Jennifer Müller, Quentin Rouiller, Corinne Lanselle, and others.
For her first choreography, Que dirait Pygmalion?, Nathalie was awarded the Parisian Volinine International Prize in 1993. Creating numerous performances in 1996, she won the first prize at the Choreographic Festival Synodale of Sens (France) for her duet, Botia Macracantha.
In 1997, the Rencontre Choregraphiques de Bagnolet hired Nathalie to do choreography to Franck II Louise's original music.
She was invited to work at the Parisian theatre Vingtième Théatre in 1999, where in a period of two years, Pubellier's performances Passeur de Lumière and Thétys were created, both sponsored by La Ville de Paris.
In 2002, Nathalie Pubellier is welcome in residence at Manosque. There, Nathalie created La Pieuvre. Music for this choreography was composed by the French musician Jean-Marie Machado. The project was sponsored both, by La Ville de Paris and the DRAC (French ministry of Culture). Soon, two more institutions, Spedidam and Adami offered financial support.
In 2004,she returned to Paris, this time to the L'Étoile du Nord Theatre, where it was still sponsored by La Ville de Paris, the French Ministery of Culture, Adami, and Spedidam. The choreography that was created during this time was titled Singletons. The dance was set for three dancers accompanied by a video, which projected microscopic images of cells borrowed from the Institute of Health (INSERM) archive.
In 2005, a solo performance Madeleine was presented at the Les Jalouses Festival in Paris. Madeleine was a milestone in the birth of a new collaboration between Nathalie and composer Izidor Leitinger.
In 2006, she created the final choreography for the third and last season at the L'Étoile du Nord Theatre. Being a biologist at heart, Nathalie named the dance Sous la Rose. It was performed in both, Paris and Manosque.
A group of cities in Luberon in the southern part of France invited the company to be the artist in residence from 2007 to 2010.
In addition to being a choreographer, which is her main activity, Nathalie Pubellier is active in the following areas as well: